Back pain may sound simple,
but it can have a massive impact on your life…

Make your first step on the road to recovery! Get your initial 60-minute appointment for half price (saving you up to £35).

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If you’ve been experiencing back pain, you may have put-off seeking treatment, believing it will just go away of its own accord. Meanwhile you’re having difficulty managing simple daily tasks like picking up the washing, walking the dog, or even getting out of bed.

The bad news is, ignoring pain and discomfort won’t make it go away.

Here at Not Just backs, we provide practical and effective treatments to local people, from therapists who really care and offer a more personal service tailored to the individual.

We are offering your first appointment with Not Just Backs for half the normal price, saving you up to £35.

What does this include?

Time – 60 minutes to discuss your problem in detail

Examination- a thorough examination to locate and diagnose your problem

Treatment*- we will begin treatment straight away to get you back to feeling well again

(*unless you are clinically unsuitable for treatment)

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I was suffering from both pain in my knee and my lower back which became so severe that it prevented me from walking. Following my course of treatment I am now able to walk much further and I have had fewer acute episodes.

Jim Wainwright
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As a sufferer of Ankylosing Spondylitis I suffered from chronic recurring back pain which affected both my work and life. Following my treatment and using the exercises I was prescribed, the pain is much less common and more manageable. I can’t thank you enough.

Glenn Sidford


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